How Biking Can Boost a Woman’s Self-Esteem

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Bike riding is often seen as a sporting activity for kids. A lot of men also ride bikes to relieve stress or just to pass time in the evenings. Some even take it up as a sport and participate in competitions. However, a lot more women have taken to biking in recent times.

Most of the women involved in bike riding often do it for fun. But they do not know that there are several health benefits associated with this activity. Asides the facts that bike riding improves the functioning of the heart, it can also be used as a tool for boosting a woman’s self-esteem.

Here are some of the benefits a woman derives from bike riding that would help to boost her self-esteem:

#1. Physical fitness

One of the major causes of low self-esteem in women is the absence of physical fitness. Women that are obese and unfit find it difficult to relate well with people in the society. They feel unaccepted and judged based on their stature.

However, biking is a way for women to attain physical fitness. Riding bikes is a form of exercise that tones the bones and makes the legs slender and smooth. It also has impact on the thighs, biceps and the abdominal muscles.

With these new physical features, bike riding women can flaunt their body as much as they desire. The ability to flaunt the body without shame or self-consciousness boosts every woman’s self-esteem.

#2. Economizing skill

Women derive pride in themselves if they can spend little and save more money. The decision to ditch cars or coaches for bike riding is economical. Truth be told, riding bikes to work, mall or just for fun have immediate effects on a woman’s bank account. The money that would have been spent on gas will remain intact.

To a lot of people, this may seem inconsequential. But to a woman that has taken to riding bikes in place of cars, it is a thing of pride. Bikes also require adequate maintenance to prevent break downs, but it is important to realize that the cost of maintaining a bike is not as expensive as what it takes for a car. A woman that is being economical by riding a bike would have high self-esteem because the action takes a lot of self-discipline which she has attained.

#3. Reduced stress

Riding a bike can calm the nerves and reduce stress. It can also be used to prevent stressful situations. A stressed woman is prone to low self-esteem. Stress makes you feel as if you are doing everything the wrong way. But by riding a bike, all negative emotions can be subdued and replaced with happiness and calmness.

When a woman that was initially stressed becomes calm, her self-esteem will be restored. She will be able to believe in herself once again and hold her head up irrespective of the challenging situations around her.

#4. Fun creation

When an individual is having fun, there is always a form of confidence that surrounds such person. Asides the fact that biking is a form of physical exercise, it is also fun. Getting on the bike and going around with an aura of happiness in an unrestricted area is a way to create fun.

To make it more fun, a woman can go for bike riding with her friends. In this case, it could be a trip to the mall or just to have a hangout. The fact that everyone can communicate while on motion and also connect with the surrounding makes the trip an interesting one.

So, if you are thinking of boosting your self-esteem as a woman, try to create a fun environment through bike riding.

#5. Gender acceptance

It is widely perceived that biking is generally for men and kids. So, seeing a woman on a bike may seem awkward. However, the feeling is usually different for the woman on the bike. The fact that you don’t care about what your community thinks about biking for women gives you daily boost of self-confidence.

Although, cycling among women is gaining more recognition and now, it is one of the activities in international sporting competitions, the fact remains that it takes being bold as a woman to take biking as a hobby. So, the more a woman engages in daily bike riding, the more the confidence of such woman.

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