How to Make Your Kitchen Safe for Your Kids

The kitchen is a part of the house that is often put to effective use. Every member of the household (included the kids) wants to have full access to the kitchen.

However, the fact remains that the kitchen is not a safe place for children, and even adults – who must be careful whenever they are there.

So, since it is not likely that you would be able to keep your kids out of the kitchen at all times, there are some ways to make your kitchen safe for them. A few of the things you can do are:

#1. Use pot holders:

Carrying a pot with its handle can lead to content spillage. To avoid such accidents, you should use pot holders always. This safety measure is not only for you but also helps to keep your kids safe in the kitchen.

Obviously, there are a few times that you allow your children into the kitchen while you are cooking. With the aid of a pot holder, you are certain that the risk of dropping hot pots and spilling the contents on the kids is greatly minimized.

Also, the older kids may also have to carry pots at one time or the other. With a pot holder, there is less risk of accidentally dropping the pot and spilling the contents.

#2. Install rack for knives

There are several types of knives in a kitchen which are bought for different purposes. The most important goal, though, is to ensure that the knives are stored away from kids, and the best way to keep the kitchen knives is to install a rack high enough on the walls to be inaccessible to kids even when they are stood on stools.

Also, whenever you use any of the knives, ensure that you return it back to the rack because having a knife rack and not using it is as good as not having a rack at all.

#3. Keep pan handing close to the walls

One of the most common accidents that happens to kids in the kitchen is burns from hot oil. Frying pans usually have long handles that are meant to ease lifting them. However, pan handles that are not strategically placed can be a danger trap for kids.

A little child can unknowingly pull down on the handle of a pan and pour the contents of the pan on himself. To avoid this, ensure that all pan handles are placed close to the wall where they cannot be easily accessed by a child. In a situation where there is no wall, the pan handle should be placed away from the door. This is just to prevent unintentional pull or accidental bumping into the handle.

#4. Keep the floor dry always:

When cooking in the kitchen, there is always the need to use water. However, there is no practical way to avoid water spillage on the floor. And when the floor is wet, your kid can easily slip and fall on the hard floor leading to injuries such as bone dislocation or bruises.

Since you don’t want your kids to get injured, ensure that you keep water off the kitchen floor always. You should have at least two or more mopping sticks or floor dryers – to be used intermittently – to keep the floor dry and safe.

As an adult, you must always check and ascertain that the kitchen floor is dry always because someone else could have accidentally spilled liquid on the floor. It is the responsibility of all adults in your house to keep the kitchen floor dry always.

#5. Don’t place metals near electrical gadgets

There are lots of electrical gadgets in the kitchen with some being used more often than others. However, a common trait in all of them is that they don’t give warning signs when they are faulty or are about to stop functioning. Most of the defects can be attributed to electrical faults.

So, to avoid a fire outbreak, it is often advised that you place metal and aluminum objects away from electrical gadgets. Also note that this advice does not only apply when the kitchen appliances are faulty, it is a practice that should be adhered to always. For example, microwaves and metal objects don’t go together.

This is because the radiation from the microwave can cause fire outbreak when it’s near a metallic object. In a nutshell, you can have a main area for electrical appliances in the kitchen, and another area for keeping metallic objects.

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